Nintendo recently premiered a new video series on its official Play Nintendo channel, a YouTube channel dedicated to kids and family audiences. The Adventures of Link and Larry the Cucco follows the antics of our two eponymous heroes as they explore the world of Breath of the Wild. There’s plenty to do in the latest Zelda title, so each minute-long episode features a small misadventure of the unlikely duo.

While the videos are clearly aimed at children and will likely cause adult viewers a fair amount of cringe, they still display a degree of wholesome fun and humor. The Adventures of Link and Larry the Cucco would not be out of place as an interstitial on Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel. At the very least, I hope that these videos invite a few young people to check out The Legend of Zelda for the first time.

There are currently five episodes of The Adventures of Link and Larry the Cucco on Play Nintendo’s channel. Click on the episode names below to check them out for yourself.

Episode 1: Dyeing For the Latest Summer Fashion

Episode 2: Pikango’s Patient Painting

Episode 3: Waking Up a Sleeping Hinox

Episode 4: Larry Stuck in a Tree?!?

Episode 5: Disturbing the Sleeping Stable

What do you think of this new video series? Do you think it will help draw young fans to the Zelda series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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