Zelda and Link. Zelink. The alleged romance between these legendary holders of the Triforce has been the topic of debate for generations of Zelda fans. Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks strongly suggest a romantic connection between the characters. Some titles do more than suggest; while its canonicity is debated, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity presents the most compelling and direct evidence of the deep love shared by these two. Now, fans of the Zelink romance can look forward to 200 pages of content dedicated to this legendary romance. Fated: A Zelink Zine is now available for preorder, with purchase available from June 5 to July 31.

As organizer for the zine project, Kinsey Erickson explains that “Fated: A Zelink Zine [is] a charity anthology project that features writing, art, music, and more brand new pieces all focused on Link and Princess Zelda’s relationship across the many games in the series! All proceeds from the sales of this zine are going to be donated to Able Gamers, an incredible non-profit doing great work to help make games, and the joy and community that come with them, accessible to all players.”

Preordering for Fated: A Zelink Zine comes in four packages:

Champions Tunic $75 (USD)

Goddess’ Harp $55 (USD)

Pirate’s Charm $40 (USD)

Digital Zine $20 (USD)

Zelink merchandise may also be purchased individually, with products ranging from $5-$25 (USD). All products and packages may be ordered here. You can also visit the official Twitter page for Fated: A Zelink Zine for more information.

Tell us what you think! Are you going to preorder a copy of Fated: A Zelink Zine? Which preorder package excites you most? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Source: Zelink Zine

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