If you’re like me when asked about memorable themes in the Zelda series, one of the first songs to come to your mind is the Great Fairy’s Fountain theme. This theme, heard throughout a variety of titles in The Legend of Zelda, incorporates mesmerizing string and wind instruments that induce feelings of serenity and nostalgia. This cover of  “Great Fairy’s Fountain” brings new life to the tune by swapping the traditional instruments with harmonic voices and soothing piano notes.

The arranger and pianist of this remake, Laurence Manning, assembles her choir, the Ensemble Vocal Trame Sonore (or EVTS), to create a cover unlike any other. With calming yet goosebump-inducing harmonization, the EVTS rendition of the Great Fairy’s Fountain theme has the ability to transport the mind to your favorite Fairy Fountain. Take a moment and power up before returning to your daily adventure.

What did you think of Laurence Manning’s cover? Did you find yourself basking in the grace of the Great Fairy? Let us know in the comments below!

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