Spoiler Warning: While there are no spoilers present in this article, the interactive Tears of the Kingdom map linked below contains what may be considered spoilers. Please click at your own risk.

If the reviews are anything to go by, Tears of the Kingdom seems to be an even bigger adventure than its predecessor. There’s no doubt more real estate to explore, more secrets to find, and more knick-knacks to collect. All that may seem daunting, but luckily your friends at Zelda Dungeon have a handy resource to help you along your journey.

Zelda Dungeon has always prided itself for the quality of its guides and walkthroughs. They are the backbone of the website in many ways. And for the past several years, the most popular page on the site has been our interactive Breath of the Wild map. That massive thing pinpoints the locations of everything from Shrines, to Korok Seeds, to hidden treasure chests.

So, as we all embark on our latest adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, rest assured that we’ll have an equally helpful interactive map for the new game. And you’ll be able to use it… right now!

You can find our Tears of the Kingdom interactive map right here.

As of the time of writing, the map is nearly complete. But please be patient as our guides team continues to update it with more information and data.

It’s dangerous to go alone. So, we hope this Tears of the Kingdom interactive map helps you out. Let us know what you think of it down below, and let us know what we can do to make it even better!

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