Hello again, and welcome to Volume Two of “On the Quest for 100!”

Last time, y’all were awesome and gave me some excellent advice for how to take down Lynels – seriously, shout out, guys and gals. Your tips and tricks were most helpful. Between head shots and stasis, I am slowly getting the hang of conquering them without taking forever and constantly needing to replenish health. I even pulled off the Perfect Dodge…once. I’m still trying to get the timing down, but, hey! It’s a start.

That said, has anyone ever had a Lynel teleport on them? Like, it disappears, and then reappears a few feet away, or doesn’t reappear at all? It’s happened to me twice now. It’s so weird, and feels like they are making a cheap escape. Apparently, it’s because they get too far from their spawn? I dunno, but I felt robbed.



I guess it went back to the mothership – er – Ganon’s Castle.

OK, enough about Lynels. Today, I want to talk a bit about one particular side character that just seemed a bit over the top. Like, if I met him in real life, I’d probably talk to him, just to see what sort of off-the-wall conspiracies and stories he had to tell. Not only because of his excessive personality, his squeaky falsetto, certainly not for his taste in fashion – my own wardrobe definitely envies his sometimes, and we all have our excessive moments. Whatever makes people happy.

Honestly, I think I will just let the video speak for me.



I mean…like…yeesh. I appreciate the eccentric support, Kilton, and I love that you want to help me along and encourage and reward me for my efforts. Believe me, I have a giant red shark-Prince for a cheerleader, and I am not shy about going back to Zora’s Domain for a pep-talk. But, Sidon, at least, has the common courtesy not to point out that I haven’t showered since I woke up.

Joking aside, I really do enjoy some of the characters in Breath of the Wild. Kass, Sidon, this game’s hyperactive version of Beedle, even Kilton, for all his overzealous antics. For having so little screen time, comparatively, their personalities just seem to fill little holes in my play experience, adding moments to my game that are exciting, or encouraging, or just plain strange. And strange is good! Strange stands out, making for a certain uniqueness that my play through would have otherwise lacked.

In the case of Kilton, it’s because of his Medals of Honor that I sought out and battled every Hinox, Talus, and Molduga, but it’s because of his character that I found this part of the game amusing, memorable, and, most importantly, entertaining. Seeking out and defeating forty Taluses (Tali?) didn’t feel like grind-work. It didn’t feel unrewarding. I actually wanted to do it, because I wanted to see his reaction again and again. I got to experience monster hunting from the perspective of a character specifically intended to make me feel like I did what needed done. I had someone with me who appreciated my work in his own bizarre way. And, now that it’s done and I have his medals, I feel accomplished.

Even if a little stinky.

So, really, props to these characters, especially, at this moment, Kilton. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I apparently need another dip in the Shrine of Resurrection. Anyone got soap?


The Seed Collector

And, here you are! This little one was tucked away in a clump of trees off the road just East of Proxim Bridge.


Progress Update

Hours: 355+ (from 340)

Korok Seeds: 392/900 (from 375)

Percentage: 57.13/100% (from 55.66)


Don’t forget, if you have a stupid or funny trick you want me to try and recreate, leave it in the comments here or send it to me on Twitter, and I will give it a shot! I have started to brush up on my “Jackass”-level stunts, so hopefully, I will have one for you next time.

Until then, friends!


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