I have taken on a ridiculous quest.

In case you missed my recent editorial, I am currently in the process of seeking out that elusive 100% in Breath of the Wild, and I want to bring you all with me in a new series, “On the Quest for 100.” I want to take you through the thoughts in my head, the trials I face, the monotony of finding all those darn Korok seeds, and the humor of attempting all the stupid stunts I can find. I want to share the adventure with you, tell a few jokes, have a good time, and hear your stories and ideas! Yes, that means there will be audience participation. If you have a stupid stunt that you want me to attempt, send it along, either in the comments or on my Twitter, and I will give it a shot!

So, exactly what all is left for me to do? A fair question, of course. If I have already completed the campaign and the shrines, if I have already taught Calamity Ganon that Hyrule will not be messed with, what do I have left to do?

Well, let me assure you, there’s plenty. This game is massive. Like I mentioned, there’s going to be Koroks (no, I won’t make you suffer through every single one, but I will cover one per entry), treasure chests, plenty of side quests, the Hyrule Compendium (yes, I do know that’s not part of the 100%, but I am still going to do it), stunts and funny videos, Kilton’s Medals of Honor, and…ugh…the Trial of the Sword.  And, inevitably, about a thousand things I don’t actually know about yet.

So, yeah. This will take me a while, but, eh, I am perfectly happy with that.

What say ye? Shall we begin? Because I desperately need advice.

OK, someone please tell me the easiest way to kill a Lynel…

…Other than spamming Urbosa’s Fury — because I am cheap like that. Seriously, though, each time I face a Lynel, it bowls me over and uses my face as a broom. It’s a good thing Link never actually shows his wounds. I usually just hack and slash, mounting his back whenever I can, replenishing my hearts with food, lather, rinse, repeat until the beast is dead. I mean, it works, but…it’s not very functional.

In before “Perfect Dodge”: let me just say this. I am terrible at the Perfect Dodge. Or really any skill. After all my sunken hours, perfecting them is still something that eludes me. I am working on that, but, hey, just to be perfectly honest, I am actually not that great at playing video games. Like. At all. I swear, it will be part of the charm of this series. I am considering subtitling the whole thing “An Idiot Plays Games.”



Case in point, I am the one who somehow managed to get myself blasted off the top of a guardian…by the guardian. And I still don’t have a clue what exactly happened.

So, bear with me, yeah? Perhaps a better question would be, how the heck do I perfect Link’s fighting skills?

All of that said, I did manage to get an absolutely savage bow collection.

See what I did there?

I’ll see myself out.

The Seed Collector

Here you go. Seed number 375. Happy finding!

Progress Update:

Hours: 340+

Korok Seeds: 375/900

Percentage: 55.66/100%

Kat Vadam is an Original Content Editor for Zelda Dungeon.  She hopes you join her on this quest.  You can also follow along and send her funny things on Twitter.

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