Ocarina Time #11: Dark World Theme

Hey Zelda Dungeoners! You asked, and you shall receive. This week’s Ocarina Time is for the “Dark World Theme” from A Link to the Past. Jump on in to learn more ocarina goodness!

Ocarina Time is improving bit by bit as the weeks go by. Keep up with the suggestions for future songs, as well as for ways to better help me help you! Thanks for watching, Zelda Dungeoners!

General Ocarina Tutorial video

Past Ocarina tutorials

Ideas for future Ocarina Times (older video)


(Cx5 D ex5 F) x2

(C G C G ^C A b A F G C F D e D C b C)x2
First: [C G D] Second: [F e D e D]

(G A b G b A G F)

(e F G e G F e D)

(G A b G b A b ^C)
(b A b A b A G)

(^C G F G ^C ^C G F G)

(b F e F b b e D e)

(G D C D G ^C G F G ^C ^D)

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