Frozen Alive

As soon as you enter, run forward, break the blue stalagmite, and hide behind the white one at the right. If you’re quick, you’ll just miss getting crushed by the boulder that comes rushing by. Time it right, and continue running down the path as soon as one passes, and turn right at the bend. Come into a room with an ice floor that has two blue Tektites, as well as your first Freezzard. As you surely know, there are three different types of Freezzards. The stationary ones pivot in place, the mobile ones can move in any direction along the floor, and the deadly assassin variety are virtually invisible until they choose to attack. This one is a stationary Freezzard, so deal with the Tektites first, and destroy the Freezzard when there is nothing else to get in the way.

The next path you need to take is blocked by ice blocks. However, there is a hidden crystal switch above the path to the left, hidden among the ice crystals. Hookshot it to move the blocks. Continue forward to find another Indiana Jones style run-from-the-boulder corridor. Time your run just right to avoid the boulders as you barely round the corner to the right, only to be ambushed in the next room. You’ll be greeted by two Freezzards of the assassin variety, as well as one White Wolfos It’s easiest to deal with the wolf first, trying to avoid the freezing breath of the Freezzards as you do so. Then, once it is dead, turn your attention towards the ice statues, and as soon as they appear, make ice cubes out of them! Success means the next door opens up.

Blue Fire

Break the Stalagmites and advance into the next room and you see some blue fire. As you approach a Wolfos attacks, it falls easily to your superior swordsmanship. Head towards the scritch-scratch of a spider and… it’s just a regular Skullwalltula. Bummer. But it’s near a hiding-in-the-corner diamond switch. Kill it, then hit the switch to make the chest appear, then go investigate the blue fire. After Navi gives you her thoughts, catch it in all three of your bottles (you can dump out anything non-essential you have; you won’t be needing any fairies in this place). Use the Blue Fire to melt all the red ice in this area, claiming, among smaller prizes, your Dungeon Map, then refill your bottles.

Back to the big room, take the left (you have to climb to get to it) and melt the red ice. Continue forward unto the next ice covered floor, and dodge a boulder. Defeat the Freezzards here just like the first one. Continue through and in the next room, go ice skating until you get ambushed by a ninja Freezzard. Kill it so it doesn’t get you if you fall down later. Find the crystal switch burried in the ice (you can barely see the top of it sticking out near the center of the room) and lay a bomb directly over it. Now, climb up, and target the freezard taking up the whole of the small platform. Hookshot to it, or jump attack, or fire arrows or throw bombs. Defeat in in whichever way you can fast enough without falling down to give it time to reform. Grab the heart piece, and jump across and kill the other Freezard up here, then claim your Compass.

Go play the song of time near the red-iced Golden Skulltula to make some blocks appear. Jump on the time blocks to the small platform, melt the ice and claim your prize. Refill the two bottles you emptied and head back to the big room once again, killing Freezzards and dodging boulders as you go. Melt the red ice on the bottom floor and take that path. Once again, dodge boulders. In the next room, watch out for the ice Keese , taking them out with your hookshot or bow. Approaching either shorter pillar spawns a White Wolfos to fight.

Finding the Iron Boots

After dealing with all of the enemies, find the crystal switch hiding in the stalagtites near the entrance and hookshot it. Get the Golden Skulltula at the south direction. Hit the switch again, then play the scarecrow’s song at the north side. Hookshot up for another Golden Skulltula. Play the song of time at the base of the blue fire to make a small time block appear. Placement is tricky, but when you get it, climb up to the blue fire to refill your bottles. Make sure you have AT LEAST 2 bottles with blue fire before continuing.

Now, go back to the south side (where the ice blocks should be) and climb up. Dodge falling stalagtites and ice Keese and make it to the door. There’s a large magic potion and a fairy here in case you need them. Through the door, you find yourself in a match with a Stalfos. After you have dealt with him, a treasure chest appears. Open it and find the Iron Boots! After claiming your prize, Sheik comes to congratulate you. He informs you that the Zoras are all (but one) frozen in the ice, and that the brat Princess Ruto has done some growing up; deciding to take it upon herself to save them by conquering the Water Temple. After some cryptic words, he teaches you the Serenade of Water.