As soon as you enter, you can use Din’s Fire or the Fire Arrows to light both torches. Doing so unlocks the left door (the one you want). The chest on the left contains arrows and the chest on the right contains Bombchu, so grab them if you need them, or save them for later. Turn around and shoot the Eye Switch over the entrance to open the right door. Make sure you have a fairy or two before proceeding, and take the left door (the first one we opened) and be faced with a challenge of clearing the room before the time runs out.

You are given a minute in a sand filled room, and up ahead you can see an Iron Knuckle behind the large rock. The fight with this one is different, as you have to constantly move so you don’t get stuck in the sand, and also you can use the patient strategy we’ve used before. The recommended strategy is, after initiating a fight, lure him out into an open area (not standing next to any rocks) and provoke an attack. Circle around behind him (side-jumps are recommended) and jump attack him from behind. If you time it right, he’ll start to turn around, in which time you can get in two or three more jump attacks before he gets a chance to attack again. You can actually break down his armor before he gets another chance to attack.

When he loses the armor, however, he’s faster. So you’ll only be able to get in one or two attacks between dodging. Remember to keep moving, and side-jumps and jump attacks both help with movement, evasion, and stronger attacks as well as keep you from sinking. If you’re running out of time, retreat to the door you came from and reenter (actually running out will mean the automatic loss of a heart, and it will put you right back in the room). You’re more than likely to be hit a time or two because of the pressing time and limiting sand, and with his powerful blows it’s not uncommon to die a time or two. Defeating him will release a chest with a Blue Rupee, lame, and it will also open the next door (next to the chest). Proceed through when you can.

The next room, no quick explaination is given. You can hear freezing winds, and a one and a half minute timer pops up. In the distance, you can see a Silver Rupee, so the objective must be to collect them all in the time. Avoiding getting frozen, of course, because of how much it slows you down. Run forward (the instructions will pop up and the timer MIGHT restart when you get closer to Navi) until you’re practically under the first Rupee. Aim your Longshot up and you should see half of a target above. Longshotting will raise you up and and gain you the first Silver Rupee.

Take the right slope down, and immediately turn left. Break the stalagtites to gain the second Silver Rupee here. Turn around and run all the way down. Stand next to the edge and equip your Hover Boots. Quickly run over the third Silver Rupee and back in time to claim it safely. (You cannot grab the edge normally, so if you fall you’ll usually have to start the entire room over.) Switch back to your regular boots because you need the traction.

Aim your longshot up down the nearest path (if you try to walk fire will block you) and Longshot to the target for the fourth Silver Rupee. Take a left and the first right available, then the left at the wall. Destroy the Freezzard here (careful not to get frozen) to claim the fourth Silver Rupee. Take a right and then an immediate left. Up on the left is the Freezzard we’ve been hearing, so destroy it to claim the fifth and final Silver Rupee, unlocking the door and stopping the timer. Avoid the fire and ice as you make your way to the door.

Another limited time elimination room greets you, and this time it’s a pair of Stalfos (the real fight) and a few Skulltulas (get in your way). All of the same strategies apply to this fight, just make sure to avoid the Skulltula’s as you try to circle the Stalfos. Defeat them within the time limit to open the next door (behind some red ice, but you can’t see where) and get a chest with arrows. Take the straight (from where you entered) and push the large block to open a path to the next door.

In here, you’ll face a laughing stock of a challenge. Three Spikes and two Freezzards, all of which cannot reach you. Take them out with any strategy you choose and claim your chest of fifty rupees. Head back to the last room, get some Blue Fire in a bottle and use it to melt the red ice. Turn on your Lens of Truth and locate the hole in the wall. Play the Song of Time to make a time block appear, climb up and jump through the hole. Use the blue fire to melt the red ice and continue.

Jump onto the spinning ring below and you’re told to blind the statue. With no time limit you’re simply limited by your number of arrows, so take your time and shoot all four eyes. Success means you’ll stop spinning and a chest with Bombchu will drop. Collect it if you need, then Longshot to the target utop the statue for some more useless Rupees and an angle to see the crystal switch in the ring of fire below. Longshot it to unbar the second door above. Though you don’t need it open, you can go through and look down to see the treasure you’re striving to attain.

Take the door on the bottom floor to be faced with another Iron Knuckle in a Minute challenge. This time the inhibitor is a couple of Torch Slugs, though they can be easily taken out before even waking the Iron Knuckle. Then, defeat him using the quicker tactics above with any time left to earn a chest with arrows and unlock the door. The door you need has a pattern above it, and in the center is a small silver pyramid. It’s actually a hidden crystal switch, so shoot it to make a chest drop in the ring of fire. Press the button switch in the floor and open it up to claim a Small Key.

In the next door, smash the rusty switch to raise a target on the highest platform. Using a Fire Arrow, shoot the unlit torch near the barred door at the left. Quickly, equip your Hover Boots and float over the platform underneath you at the left to claim the first Silver Rupee here. Be careful to avoid the Red Bubbles that jump out of the fire. Float the the next platform to the right to claim the second, and the next one to claim the third. Quickly Longshot to the target you raised earlier before the fires restart.

Wait for the fires to restart, and shoot the torch again, and drop directly to the platform at the right. Claim the Silver Rupee here, then grab the fifth and sixth on the way to the barred door. Grabbing the last will raise a target in the middle as well as open the door, but the fires will still come back. Make it to the barred door and proceed through.

In here, as you approach the spiderweb blocking the hole in the floor a Bari will fall. Use your Longshot to deal with it and it’s Biri offspring, then equip your Iron Boots and Blue Tunic and use Din’s Fire while standing on the web. If all goes well, the fire will burn the web and you’ll drop mid-spell, and you’ll expand in the middle of the water, killing the Stingers at the same time. If not, bust out your Longshot and get them quickly. Afterwards, use the Longshot and the targets to angle and get all the Silver Rupees to drop a chest above. Swim up and out, open the chest for another Small Key.

Head back and Longshot to the target on the highest level. Walk into the darkness to find a Blue Rupee in a chest. Around the right side is another chest with a single rupee. Loser! After opening both, head back to the fire room and Longshot to the torch by the stairs, climb up and through the next door. In here, you have to defeat two Dodongos and two Dinalfos in a minute. Focus on the Dodongos first, as their death explosions can hurt and even kill the Dinalfos, and take the Dinalfos out only after. During the fight a Lizalfos should descend upon you and join in. After killing them all, turn your attention to the statue on the railing for an Armos. Hit it to awaken it, then throw a bomb to finish it off.

Once all of the enemies are dead, a chest drops into the center of the room. Open it up to find another Small Key. Through the next door and you’re back in the first room of the place. Head through the center door, and take a left. Take the first door on the left (the right leads back to the lava room) and use your Lens of Truth to find the hole in the ceiling. Climb up to claim the Purple Rupee, and jump back down. Take the next door and the chest conatins another Green Rupee.

Continue through the next two doors you find and the next chest contains a Red Rupee. Use your first small key on the next door and take a left to find another chest with a Green Rupee. Turn around and use your last two keys on the next two doors. Break the crate and use your Megaton Hammer to smash the rusty switch, making a chest appear in the room with the purple fire. Head back around the left side to the room with the statue whos eyes you blinded, and take the second door on the top. Open the chest here to claim your Ice Arrows.

Now that you have claimed the prize, exit the dungeon. Without so much as a congratulations, the Gerudo at the entrance locks the door behind you as you leave.