maxresdefaultMany may recall that Cosmo, popular speedrunner of Ocarina of Time with his famous world record of 18:10, once said that “Ocarina of Time is dead”, in terms of new speedrunning tricks being found. Even the now world record holder, 17-year-old skater82297, said in August that the ever-chased-after sub-18-minute run would not happen. Yet, just recently, on his Twitch stream, skater caught a 17:47 world record. This just goes to show that there is almost always room for optimization, and of course for new tricks like the Deku Nut glitch found by Jodenstone.

Be warned of a lot of swearing in the video. It was an insane moment for him, after all.

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Behold the face of an accomplished man.

A run of this magnitude deserves all the screaming, cursing and man-tears that occurred here. Again, these are the kinds of run that inspire people to not only keep optimizing their own personal bests, but to also keep searching for new ways to break the game. Perhaps Ocarina of Time will be hugely broken one day, leading to some sort of ridiculous sub-five-minute record or something. Without people actively looking for more glitches, such things will never happen.

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Source: YouTube

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