Ocarina of Time 3D is set to release on June 19th and it comes bundled with Ocarina of Time 3D: Master Quest. For the 3DS remake, the Master Quest has two significant changes. First off, the entire game is now mirrored! That’s right, the entire game has received a complete reflection much like Twilight Princess did for the Nintendo Wii. This means that Link will now be right-handed, the entire overworld map will be flipped, along with all of the dungeons. So Kakariko Village will now be to the West of Hyrule Castle, Lake Hylia will be to the the Southeast, and the Desert Colossus at the far northeast corner of the overworld. In addition to the game being mirrored, the Master Quest is now significantly harder as difficulty adjusters have been put in, causing all enemies to do double the amount of damage each time they hit Link. Jump inside for more information on the Master Quest!

The Master Quest will not be available from the start of the game. You will need to play through and complete the main quest first. Once you’ve done so, the Master Quest will then be unlocked. At that point, once you start up your Nintendo 3DS, you will have an option to play the Main Quest or the Master Quest. Additionally, the Boss Replay Challenge (more about this in the next news post), has its own Master Quest version, allowing you to battle these bosses on the tougher difficulty settings.

During my hands on demo with the game, I had a chance to play through Jabu-Jabu’s Belly in the Master Quest and boy did I struggle with it. At that point in time, the game save that I was playing with had 6 full heart containers. Just minutes after starting, I got hit by those jellyfish enemies known as biri, and almost instantly my hearts were low and that familiar noise was beeping. Moments later after encountering several more flocks of enemies, I found myself recovering from my first fairy. A few rooms later I fell victim to a stinger and multiple biri, causing me to use a second fairy. Ya, it was a rather poor performance on my end, but this is truly a credit to the difficulty of the Master Quest.

Originally released on the GameCube as a bonus for those who pre-ordered the Wind Waker, the Master Quest is a second quest of sorts with minor changes from the main quest. The dungeons were altered and became significantly more complicated. Additionally, the enemies were more abundant and the game used various enemy combinations in certain rooms that made the dungeons quite difficult. Now with the quest mirrored and the enemies doing twice the damage, the Master Quest is truly just that, a quest made for the masters of Zelda. This is certain to give even Ocarina of Time experts a run for their money.

Two screen shots in particular were released showcasing the mirrored version of the Master Quest and they both can be seen below. Check them out and then be sure to let us know what you thought by posting in the comments below! Be sure to check back shortly, as there is TONS of new Ocarina of Time 3D news and content that will be up later today and throughout the next few days.

UPDATE: A new video of the Master Quest has been uploaded to the official Japanese website. You can view the video embedded below and get full analysis in the news post that was made.

UPDATE: A third screenshot was released by Nintendo of America and you can see it below.

UPDATE: A 12-minute gameplay video of the Master Quest was posted online and you can view the embedded video below.

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