The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was filled with fun glitches back when it released in 1998. Heck, just discovering the various glitches created an entire sub-community within Zelda fan websites. Now that Ocarina of Time 3D has released in Europe and the United States, fans are already discovering some of the many new glitches that there are to be found in Ocarina of Time 3D.

For this particular glitch, it’s a bit uncertain as to why it happened. The description in the video from the original creator states, “Shortly after I beat Ocarina Of Time 3D, I created a new file and kid link started off holding the master sword very awkwardly.” Not sure if it just spontaneously happened, or if something triggered it. If you find out, be sure to let us know!

Have you discovered any glitches yourself? Have a camera? Record it and send it in to us. We’ll gladly post it. In the meantime, you can post and strange things you’ve seen throughout your quest in the comments below.

Thanks to to tipsd9video for sending this in!