maxresdefault (1)There are many remixes of various Zelda songs on the internet, ranging from good, and bad; each one made with lots of hard work and dedication. And Music Creator dj-Jo sets the record for some of the coolest remixes out there. This isn’t what you’d typically find on Zelda Dungeon, but this YouTuber definitely deserves attention for his astonishing remixes. Hit the jump to listen for yourself!


YouTuber dj-Jo is a -you guessed it- DJ (or “Music Creator” to simplify things) with a knack for creating Video Game and Anime remixes. Many of them being Zelda remixes. November 2014, he did his own take on a Zelda Month (much like PeanutButterGamer), “The Legend of Jo 2014”, and created five remixes based off of popular Zelda songs. One of them being Oath to Order, a favorite of his and mine. Personally, I’m a huge fan of dj-Jo, and his remixes are certainly worth listening to. Go ahead and give Oath to Order a listen below!

This song was not only for ‘The Legend of Jo 2014’, but also for the 2 Year Anniversary of his channel. If you liked it, you should definitely give his other songs a listen, as well! Other remixes in The Legend of Jo 2014 include: