This week has seen quite a bit of Twilight Princess HD news, with announcements regarding amiibo functionality and the new Cave of Shadows area. There has been plenty of exciting things to hear about, but many of us want to see some of these new features in action. Luckily, this week’s Nintendo Minute offers an extended tour of Twilight Princess HD, showing off bits of Hyrule and new Wii U GamePad functionality.

Right off the bat, Nintendo Minute hosts Kit and Krysta reveal an exciting new feature offered by the Wii U GamePad in Twilight Princess HD. Rather than needing to speak to Midna each time the player wants to transform into a wolf, all he or she has to do is press a button on the GamePad. In addition, many of the game’s menus have been moved to the GamePad surface and the DPad. This new functionality is sure to take away some of the original TP‘s tedium by making transforming much more convenient.

The hosts then move on to provide glimpses of different areas throughout the game, such as Hyrule Castle Town and the City in the Sky. As they mention, the game’s textures and resolution look much crisper than they did on the GameCube and Wii. One may also notice an interesting Lantern in Link’s inventory; at this point, we’re not sure if this is a new Lantern item / upgrade or a new design for the old Lantern.

Hopefully these TP-centered Nintendo Minutes become more frequent, so we can see even more of the game.

What do think of the new GamePad functionality? Did you notice anything interesting in the gameplay video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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