Zelda fans in Tokyo and Osaka will get the chance to hear Breath of the Wild’s atmospheric melodies played live this November at The Legend of Zelda: Concert 2018. The show will pay homage to three of the series’ most significant instruments by focusing around the ocarina, harp, and accordion. It will introduce live musical arrangements from Breath of the Wild, as well as cover masterpieces from previous games in the series. While only set to play four shows in Japan, let’s hope the concert goes international sometime soon!

The shows will be conducted by Yasushi Takemoto, who also conducted Japan’s Majora’s Mask 3D concert in 2015 and Zelda 30th Anniversary concert in 2016. Takemoto will be joined by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in Tokyo and the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra in Osaka. All music will be accompanied by relevant visuals from the games, displayed on-screen behind the orchestra.

The Tokyo shows at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall will be on November 22nd and December 14th. While Osaka’s Orix Theater will hold both a matinee and evening performance of the concert on November 25th. There will be A and S seats available for ¥7,500 and ¥9,000 respectively. As well as Master Seats for ¥12,000 that include a “Master Seat Limited Music Box” of Zelda-themed merchandise (the specific contents of the box are currently undisclosed).

Tickets are on-sale now through 8/28 for Master Seats; all other seats are on-sale through 9/4. If you’ll be in Japan in November, be sure to snag some.

Anyone lucky enough to be in Japan for any of these shows? Would you like the concert to go international? Do you think this is a sign that Symphony of the Goddesses will return with Breath of the Wild arrangements for a 2019 tour? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Promax.co.jp

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