Hyrule-Warriors-Costumi-DLC-06-NintendOn-672x372We had already heard from different sources, including Nintendo themselves, that we were getting new color variations, a new Adventure Mode map, and one more Legend Mode stage in the newest DLC pack for Hyrule WarriorsThe Master Quest DLC Pack. But, oh boy, does it go much further than that. According to the European eShop, we’re getting a lot more than we expected with this DLC pack, and you can find the details after the jump.

The Master Quest DLC is only 3 days away from release (I know some have already used a certain Majora’s Mask pun on that!). And what we had hoped to have gotten, just got a whole lot bigger and better. Here are the new details from the European eShop!

– Five New Legend Mode Scenarios.

– A new Adventure Mode Map (Master Quest) With Seven New 8-Bit Weapons and Sixteen New Alternatively-Colored Costumes as Rewards.

– A New Weapon Type for Link (Epona).

– Two New Costumes (Guardian of Time for Lana and Cia).




Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest DLC Pack releases along side the free Villains DLC Pack, this Thursday on October 16th. You can also pre-purchase the Hero of Hyrule Bundle (which includes the Master Quest DLC pack, and three other DLC packs) right now for $19.99, and receive an exclusive Dark Link Costume. Are you planning on getting this DLC pack, or is the money not worth the buy? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast