There seems no end to the customization afforded to players by mods. A recent tool by modder Max Bebök (known as HailToDodongo) allows for the creation of custom maps and shrines in the Breath of the Wild emulator on PC. A video by BSoD Gaming showcases some stages made using this mod, including one in which Link explores the Bob-omb Battlefield level from Mario 64.

This is the first time a mod of this kind has been made for the game, and it’s thanks to Bebök’s working collision tool Ice-Hail that makes landscapes imported into Breath of the Wild fully interactive. Though right now just Bebök’s test level and the Mario 64 level by modder MelonSpeedruns have been made using the new tool, the possibilities are endless.

You can check out more videos of Ice-Hail in action on Bebök’s YouTube channel here where he has been posting videos of recent updates to the tool, and it can be downloaded here. I have no personal experience with mods (except a brush with Project M for Super Smash Bros. Brawl), so how this tool actually works is beyond me, but I am excited to see what creative Zelda fans do with it.

Are you excited to try out this mod? What kinds of unique shrines or maps would you like to see inserted into Breath of the Wild? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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