The Results are in! And the winner of Zelda Dungeon’s 2023 Musical March Madness is none other than:

The Title Theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!

An odds-on favorite from the beginning, it has many fans in the ZD community who will be happy to see it at the top of the pile.

In addition, Dragon Roost Island was the winner of the Champion of Champions match. The winner of the 2020 matchup won here once again.

Thank you to everyone who voted, discussed, and followed along! Join us again later in the year for Fall Brawl!

Note that all of the information on Musical March Madness is still available below the bracket. Head down there and let us know how your predictions shook out, and how you feel about the results!

Hello everybody and WELCOME BACK to the fifth annual MUSICAL MARCH MADNESS. The premise is simple: 64 songs will go head to head in a series of single elimination matches, with the winner advancing to the next round, until there is only ONE song left standing that can be called the Greatest Zelda Song Ever. This post will be updated DAILY with new match-ups, so make sure you bookmark it. Polls will last 24 HOURSSTARTING AND ENDING AT 5 PM PACIFIC / 8 PM EASTERN, at which point the song with more votes advances to the next round. MAKE SURE YOU BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

Just like last year, you have the opportunity to PREDICT THE BRACKET! It’s simple – get one point for guessing the correct winner of a first round matchup, get two points for guessing the correct winner of a second round matchup, and so on and so forth for every matchup until we get to the end! Think you know Zelda music and what the fans like? PROVE IT! Fill out the bracket and walk away with some ZELDA DUNGEON MERCH if you win!

In years previous, we’ve seen “Gerudo Valley”, “Dragon Roost Island”, “Midna’s Lament” take the field to task, while last year, “Ballad of the Goddess” soared above all the competition to enter the Hall of Champions. With Tears of the Kingdom a stones throw away, the field this year is wide open for a variety of contenders to take the tournament. It’s 2023 – a new song will claim the title of Best Zelda Song. Which one will it be? Only YOU can decide!


Predict the Bracket Challenge Contest!

Click here to fill out a bracket for Musical March Madness! You’ll be tasked with predicting EACH and EVERY matchup from the opening contest to the final matchup! You’ll get 1 point for a correct first round prediction, 2 points for a second round prediction, 3 points for third round, 4 for fourth, and 5 for picking the winner. This is important: PICK WHO YOU THINK WILL WIN, NOT WHO YOU PERSONALLY WANT TO WIN. To reiterate, pick who you think our Zelda Dungeon audience will vote to win. This is a popularity contest, so remember to predict as such!

The person with the most points at the end of the tournament will WIN their item of choice from the Zelda Dungeon Merch Store! The tournament runs MARCH 15TH-MARCH 31ST, so you have until MARCH 15th to submit a prediction!


The Musical March Madness 2023 Bracket



THE SCHEDULE – View the schedule here.


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