This week we have a comic from a new source: Jim Benton. If you frequent reddit, you may have seen some of his other comics, such as Dr. Sheila’s Robot, or anything miscellaneous that he draws. This time, however, he’s drawn a Zelda comic, and of course in his light-hearted humorous style.

Every guy should know that carrying your wallet in your back pocket can cause some back problems, depending on what you sit on. Just the few bills and cards you have in that small pocket can do some serious damage. So what’ll happen in Link’s case? Try to guess and hit the jump to see!

Really though, how does Link carry all of that stuff, and does he really need all of it all the time? Maybe he should just start carrying around a sack, like Santa Claus, to carry his items and rupees.

Of course, that wouldn’t make for a good game, but it’d still be hilarious to see Link traversing Hyrule with a giant sack slung over his back the whole time. I don’t think that’d necessarily solve the back problems, though. Link should really have considered the implications of being an adventurer before doing any of this, though. There isn’t exactly adventurer insurance to cover the cost of a chiropractor when he discovers his back is in really bad shape.

But hey, I suppose the satisfaction of saving literally the entire world is a pretty good reason to adventure. Even if it does cause some back problems.

If you enjoyed Jim’s comic, you can check out his website or his reddit submissions for more!

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