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3D printing has been around for a little while and there have been many stories of things that have been made using a 3D printer. We here at Zelda Dungeon have done several stories about 3D printed Zelda items such as the hookshot and Master Sword and now we have another amazing item. Imgur user esseff3d has made Majora’s Mask using a 3D printer and it looks very impressive. Take a look at some of the pictures after the jump….

Hyrule Warriors introduced several new weapons to the series that will likely never be used again in the main games, but that does not mean they are not still awesome. Zelda’s Gleaming Rapier has a very neat design, and reddit user Meitachi decided to try their hand at making a real version, and it looks pretty great. Check out the finished product after the jump!

Who doesn’t love a good modification? It’s a great way to show off your inner fan by customizing basic memorabilia any way you want, using whatever your heart desires. One Majora’s Mask fan has taken his love and turned it into something epic. Hit the jump to take a look at this ‘sick’ N64 Majora’s Mask Mod.

3D printing seems more and more popular these days, with anyone being able to design and share custom 3D models. A reddit user named rayjirdeoxys spent a good three hours printing this glossy, golden mantelpiece modelled after the classic Hyrulian royal crest. It turned out quite well, and it honestly looks like something you would see being sold on a website like Etsy for a high price. Check it out after the jump!

I’m sure all of us know that The Legend of Zelda franchise has a huge community, so we’re bound to see fans creating various things from, or inspired by the series.  As we’ve all come to know, many Zelda fans have created their own custom Zelda-themed products, ranging from necklaces, to lamps, to an NES in-whole. And as I’m sure we’ve all seen a few Zelda-inspired headphones here and there over the time we’ve explored the internet. But the fan…

3D Printed Master Sword

December 23 2014 by Djinn

I have seen quite a few fan and artists recreate objects from the Zelda series, but few are as interesting as reddit member esseff3d‘s 3D printed Master Sword. He goes over the step by step process, creating the model, printing out the various parts, and then assembles them into the final piece. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

Have you ever been curious about the origins of Mother MaiaMai in A Link Between Worlds? There’s a reason she was sealed away in that cave you carelessly bombed open. In this illustration, created by Jesse Oldershaw (otherwise known as DaifukuKid), Mother MaiaMai’s true intentions are revealed. Hit the jump to see this creative artwork.

There are many different mediums of art; digital, pencil, pen, watercolor, and very rarely crayons. When people think crayons, they tend to think of a messy coloring job done by a young child. Recently however, a wonderful drawing of Twilight Princess Link got a lot of attention. Why? Because it was drawn entirely with crayons! Reddit and Imgur user Dweebette is a completely self taught artist. When she posted her art on the /r/Zelda forum, I don’t think that many…

Zelda fans are all around us, and they span from many different fandoms, creating their own tributes to the franchise. Be it handmade, or digital, it’s always sure to put a smile on a fellow Zelda fan’s face. However, there seems to be one specific fan’s work we find quite intriguing. Reddit user Loudriver1977 created their own Zelda level in Little Big Planet for PS Vita, titled: The Legend of Zelda: Survival Forest. And you can check it out after…

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was chatting with fans on Reddit and he revealed to us his favorite video game in a response. Hit the jump to find out what he said!