rXp0hjBI’m sure all of us know that The Legend of Zelda franchise has a huge community, so we’re bound to see fans creating various things from, or inspired by the series.  As we’ve all come to know, many Zelda fans have created their own custom Zelda-themed products, ranging from necklaces, to lamps, to an NES in-whole. And as I’m sure we’ve all seen a few Zelda-inspired headphones here and there over the time we’ve explored the internet. But the fan who customized the face-plates of this headset to make it Majora’s Mask-themed…? It’s just too beautiful for words… If you want to check it out in all it’s beautiful, shiny glory, take a hit at the jump!

Somewhere, in a galaxy far far away, Reddit user Vinylzen created one of the most beautiful headsets I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Vinylzen customized a V-Moda XS Headset with Majora’s Mask face-plates; and it looks stunning. Now, I’m not sure about you guys, but I’d definitely pay a solid amount of rupees for this bad boy. That, or at LEAST the face-plates, so that I can make my own (I’m sure you can somewhere, as shown by the template in the gallery). Check it out below!

Again: I would love to own these. As a user who’s on either his PC or Smartphone all day, these would be an absolutely amazing set. I guess the only questions left is, what’s the quality like…? And if it’s good, the next question is “Where are all my rupees…?!”.

What do you guys think? Would you give these a look? Or do you have another set of Zelda-inspired headphones? Or, are you fine with the pair you own now? (I know I am! But the design on these is just too good…) Sound off in the comments!

Source: reddit