The release of Link’s Awakening for the Switch is now less than a week away, and Nintendo has been uploading new videos to advertise the sought-after game. Nintendo UK’s latest upload, an English-language version of the story trailer we saw from Nintendo Japan a few weeks back, features locations and footage already seen in previous trailers. But the most interesting part of this video clip is that it holds an exciting, musical surprise! For the first time ever (officially), viewers can listen to “Ballad of the Wind Fish” with English lyrics.

The short snippet might be brief, lasting for just thirty seconds, but it is certainly worth listening to. The tune captures the wistful and mysterious tone of Koholint Island, and the lyrics themselves are rather fitting. We’ve managed to discern them:

Sleepers wake, dreams will fade

Although we cling fast

Was it real, what we saw, and believe

Lost in dreams, we sleep on, tossing and turning

Stay with me…

Fans are bound to be excited to hear this iconic melody sung with English lyrics! Luckily, they won’t have to wait long to hear the full version of the song, as the game hits the shelves on September 20th.  What do you think of this new version of “Ballad of the Wind Fish”? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo UK

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