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Link/Dark Link Mod for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Screenshot (11)For many years people have been modding games to make them look a little different to how they should, it seems no game is too difficult to mod. YouTube channel PC Best Mods has recently shown a mod for Ultra Street Fighter IV, which has made a match look like a brutal fight between Link and his doppelganger Dark Link. See the video after the jump!


Apparently, the character Cody was modded to look like Link, hence his blasé attitude when winning the fight but it ended up making the mod all the better. People have commented on the video that it would have been better if Link pulled out a Deku Baba at one point rather than a Piranha Plant, but even so, it was great seeing Link and Dark Link battle in this way. It was a little strange seeing Link fight bare-fisted rather than using his Master Sword (and even stranger seeing him throw the sword at his opponent). Considering how Link appeared in Soul Calibur II all those years ago, it would be great to see him appear in another beat-em-up like Street Fighter one day.

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Source: YouTube

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