The Master Sword is the bane of all evil and has been used numerous times to stop the deadly Ganon. With Link at the helm of this all-powerful weapon, there’s no dark force that can stop him. The same can now be said for the rain, Breath of the Wild’s truest villain.

Merchoid has just recently unveiled the Song of Storms Master Sword Umbrella which is an officially licenced Nintendo product and is modeled after Link’s iconic weapon. The blue canopy of the umbrella comes with a repeating pattern of Triforce emblems, and the handle is modeled after the hilt of the Master Sword. The holder for this rain-stopping weapon is also based off the scabbard that holds the sword.

The Song of Storms Master Sword Umbrella will be released in August 2018, and will run you $34.99 USD. As of this writing, preorders are extremely limited; secure your preorder right here. Be sure to check out our gallery below for a closer look at the bane of all rain.

What do you think of this umbrella? Will you be trying to get your hand on one? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Merchoid (via My Nintendo News)

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