It’s a brand new year, and with that, a brand new start. Producing and writing different debate ideas for every single day in a calendar year can be quite the daunting task, but our writers – past and present – have done an amazing job engaging our community with provoking, funny, interesting, and smart topics. I remember the first time that I wrote a Daily Debate and seeing people go back and forth with points and counterpoints… it was amazing feeling to see people interested about a question that I had asked.

And now, we want to pass that feeling along to you.

The first thing we want to do in 2019 is invite you to our Discord server (for anyone who does’t know, Discord could pretty much be described as “Skype for gamers”), where there will be a dedicated Daily Debate channel where you can interact with the different writers from Zelda Dungeon, ask your own questions, and get your topic heard. Pitch a topic to a writer and they could potentially end up writing about, while giving you a shout-out for the idea in the same post. Conversely, to any aspiring writers looking to join the Zelda Dungeon writing team in the future, what better place to show off your creativity and skills? The potential is there for you to join our ranks – if you are consistently showing great ideas in addition to the Daily Debate channel, you’ll find an amazing community with amazing Zelda fans who are talking Zelda, music, life, and everything in between.

Follow the link below to join, and I can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with!


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