Ittle Dew ScreenshotRecently, Nintendo has been making significant strides toward making its game machines as “indie-friendly,” on a development and publishing level, as is possible.  The company certainly seems to be striking the proverbial chord with many independent and small video game creators, because a slew of titles born on Kickstarter and elsewhere are set to be released within the next year or so.  While many of these games are wholly new ideas with interesting gameplay mechanics, unsurprisingly, some of them are inspired or made to resemble cherished game classics of the industry’s past.  Given the previous information, it may not surprise some of you that many independent video games creators have recently created a close bond with Nintendo; so close, in fact, that one studio has even asked Nintendo about making first party titles for them!  In fact, its true; the studio Ludosity originally pitched their upcoming Zelda-styled game, Ittle Dew, to be a third party developed Legend of Zelda game!

For an interview with Joel Nyström, developer of the game, and more information on the title, head to the jump!

While this particular video game may superficially seem to be a Legend of Zelda “clone,” the developers poke fun at the series throughout, and Joel Nyström describes the game as being a “Metroidvania” title catering to speed runners. During an interview on Nintendo World Report, Joel gave information about how Ittle Dew relates to The Legend of Zelda series and how Nintendo was very open to the publishing and promotion of Ludosity’s newest game.

“They [Nintendo] certainly don’t have any problems with this game… I don’t know if it’s a secret, but I’m going to say it anyway, I actually pitched this game, as a Zelda game, to Nintendo at one point and they said “well we like to make Zelda games internally but thank you very much. You’re welcome to release it as is, for yourself.”

Another piece of praise that was mentioned about Nintendo and the independent video game developing scene later on in the interview mentions the ease of self-publishing titles.  When asked about how Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are moving to enable small developers to put games on their platforms, Joel said that Nintendo is easier to publish for than Steam.  Here is his full response:

“It’s actually easier to publish on Wii U, than on Steam… The thing about Greenlight it that you just don’t know, there aren’t any clear answers and they seem to be changing their policy, and their CEO is saying one thing and they are acting in another way. I think a lot of developers are anxious about Greenlight, right now.”

If you are interested in this game (and why shouldn’t you be?), Joel says that they are pushing for a 2013 release and he states that it should be out on the eShop around Christmas at the very latest.

Personally, I think its great to hear that Nintendo is being so open to independent developers publishing their own games, and I hope that the trend of more indie titles on Nintendo platforms continues.  I’m excited for this game, and will be picking it up right away when it releases.

What do you think?  Are you glad that Nintendo has opened up to more independent developers?  Are you looking forward to this game?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Nintendo Life (via Nintendo World Report)

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