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Recently, Nintendo has been making significant strides toward making its game machines as “indie-friendly,” on a development and publishing level, as is possible.  The company certainly seems to be striking the proverbial chord with many independent and small video game creators, because a slew of titles born on Kickstarter and elsewhere are set to be released within the next year or so.  While many of these games are wholly new ideas with interesting gameplay mechanics, unsurprisingly, some of them are…

Being influenced by The Legend of Zelda series is common because it gives players such great experiences. Replicating or even trying to replicate that factor about the Zelda games can be considered somewhat difficult, but have you heard about a cute little game called Ittle Dew?

Those who have played Ittle Dew, or at least checked out some screenshots, have described it as a very “Zelda-inspired” game, and just by looking at the game’s visual angle, you can recognize its A Link To The Past inspiration. Other influences involved with The Legend of Zelda can be found in Ittle Dew, but the game really is its own title and does well to stand out and deliver its own kind of satisfying experience.

It’s evident that Ittle Dew was heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda franchise, but what is not common knowledge is that the game was originally pitched to Nintendo as an actual Zelda title!

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What do you get when you cross the hilarious cartoon Adventure Time with a Zelda game? Well… probably the awesome-looking upcoming Adventure Time game. But also the indie game Ittle Dew. I had planned on the next Empty Elegy to cover a notorious Zelda clone that has unfortunately gotten a bit of a bad rep, but when I came across Ittle Dew, I just couldn’t help changing my plans. For those not familiar with this little gem, Ludosity (the developers)…