gx As most of us are probably aware, the most recent issue of Famitsu published with a number of Hyrule Warriors Legends screenshots showcased within it. We covered all of the new features present in the visuals, but GameXplain has pulled some further insights from the issue’s translation and detailed them in a recent video. The analysis goes into detail about the Helmaroc King’s attacks, what the game’s story may be about, and how the new Golden Ocarina will communicate with the Owl Statues. Take a look at the video after the jump!

I think it would be fantastic if Medli made an appearance in Hyrule Warriors Legends, and hopefully some other Spirit Tracks related features will be revealed later on. With Toon Link’s agility and Tetra’s swift pirate moves, we should be in for some fun fighting. To see more of GameXplain’s Zelda analyses, head over here. And to see its analyses of various games, visit and subscribe to the GameXplain channel.

What do you think of the new information about Hyrule Warriors Legends? Are you glad that its content will eventually be available on the Wii U version? What other Zelda goodies would you ideally want to make an appearance in the game?
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