We’re in a post-release Tears of the Kingdom world! While embarking on our new adventures through Hyrule, perhaps there is a bit of reflection in our minds on past games, both in terms of gameplay and story. In my playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom, I’ve been thinking a lot about the narratives of past Zelda games in particular (while trying to figure out how this newest entry of the series can tie into them). Zelda is rich with lore, some areas retold time and time again, while others barely had their surface scratched. It’s because of this fact that Hyrule Apocrypha, a Zelda fan zine, was created!

About a year ago, we wrote about the zine when interest checks opened. Now the zine is finished, and preorders are open until June 11th, 2023! Overall, 44 contributors worked together “to expand upon canon lore and fill in the blanks with interpretations of how certain events may have come to pass.” It was crafted so it “looks, reads, and feels like a real piece of Hyrule’s history!”

What can you look forward to from this zine?

“Hyrule Apocrypha features fanfiction and poetry, with each written piece accompanied by smaller spot illustrations and full-page artworks! Other types of fanworks, such as recipes and music, are also included in this zine. Finally, there will be both digital and physical merch items, ranging from stickers and stationery items to acrylic keychains and standees, with 4 different preorder bundles available.”

Going a bit more in detail, the zine’s cover has art by @mousesize, and decorations by @ksenijahoshi, both are fantastically skilled artists! You can take a look at the zine’s cover in the photo gallery below! There are 120 full-color pages, designed by @bisexualkorok, also a very skilled artist and photographer! The zine features 14 writers, and twice as many artists. Lastly, the first stretch goal has been met, and the second stretch goal is very close to being reached, which will make the washi tape available!

You can get your preorders in right here!

As for what is in each bundle: The Librarian Bundle is a digital only version of the zine, priced at $15.00 USD. It includes a PDF of the zine, 3 musical mp3s, and a printable music sheet.

The Scholar Bundle, priced at 25.00 USD, includes everything from the previous bundle, alongside a physical A5 paperback copy of the zine. This bundle is also eligible for stretch goal items like stickers and a sticker sheet, as well as a gold foil cover upgrade (all bundles listed hereafter also offer this).

The Historian Bundle, priced at $40.00 USD, contains all previous mentioned items, as well as an additional A5 art print, an A5 Sticker sheet, recipe cards, a bookmark, and all stretch goal items listed (stickers, sticker sheet, washi tape, a charm, and enamel pin).

Last, but not least, the Archivist Bundle, priced at $60.00 USD, contains all items from previous bundles, in addition to a 3″ square memo pad with 50 sheets, 2 acrylic charms, an acrylic standee, and all stretch goal items as well.

Production of the zine will start once preorders close. Orders should ship between 3-4 months after the closing date of June 11th, 2023. The digital-only bundles will be sent out once all preorder packages have been shipped.

This zine will raise money for charity. While some funds will go towards helping to pay for contributor bundles, the remaining proceeds will be donated to Fundación Pablo Horstmann and their “Let Children Study” scholarship, giving necessary funds to support the education of vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

For additional info, such as the amount of sales to meet stretch goals, shipping restrictions, and postal carrier service, check out the FAQ page on the ordering site!

We’ve been really excited about this zine here at Zelda Dungeon since it was announced! I am ready to get in my preorder and cannot wait to see the stories that were crafted and the accompanying artwork! Are you going to preorder? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hyrule Apocrypha

Featured Image by @skywardstruck and @thismousedraws

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