maxresdefaultFor years and years, feminists from all over have wished for women to be better represented in video games, and how you feel about that is up to you. But one could say that Linkle, the surprise upcoming fighter in Hyrule Warriors Legends, is an example of Nintendo becoming more open-minded about how women are shown as characters in their games, judging by her appearance, her actions, and the simple fact that she is being included. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of uproar is going around about what Linkle might ACTUALLY mean about the developers, and their views of women. YouTube HMK, in an impressively strong rant, has made a video on the topic. Needless to say, there is some major anger involved.

Check out the video after the jump. (WARNING: A LOT of swearing.)

Oh boy. This topic. As I’m typing this, I am just trying to imagine some of the comments this post may get. Nonetheless, it is a topic worth discussing. While a little more… ranty, than usual, HMK makes some rather good points, my favorite of which being that this character is not meant as a way for Nintendo to lead the world into a state of perfection and equality. No, she’s a character in a game. The developers though, “hey, here’s an idea for a new character”, and they put her in. End of story. It is actually kind of funny that Lana did not make this kind of uproar when the game first released. I suppose it is because Linkle was a sort of “female Link” concept originally, but we know now that she is her own character, so what’s the issue?

As for the whole “transphobic” thing, I’m personally going to avoid commenting on the absurdity of some of the arguments people are throwing around using this rather misplaced term. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I feel bad for feminists that are not so overly radical as to make these harsh judgments of a fair and honest character. It really makes the feminists I actually respect look bad. Again, just my view.

What do you think of these accusations made about Linkle? Do you agree with HMK’s points in the video? Drop a comment. And again, I imagine this is a very touchy subject, but please remember to be respectful of each other, and to conciser others’ opinions carefully.

Source: YouTube