Nintendo has recently given us our first look at Richard in Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch! Richard is a character living in a Villa nearby Kanalet Castle in Ukuku Prairie. He once lived in the castle, but was kicked out by his own servants. Richard is integral to the game’s progression because the key to access the game’s third dungeon is buried in the garden behind his Villa. However, in order to access his garden, Link must meet Richard’s demands. Outside of Link’s Awakening, Richard was originally in the game The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls, and the music in his Villa is the overworld theme for that game.

I really like the amount of detail in Richard’s Villa in the Remake. In the original version of the game, it only had a bed, a drawer, some tables and chairs, and some pots. There is a lot more going on with his Villa in the remake; he has some bookcases, a desk, and a picture on his wall. The biggest change we see is that the entrance to the underground tunnel leading to the garden is blocked by a Frog statue. Overall, I approve of these changes.

What do you all think about Richard and his Villa in the remake? Do you like the changes? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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