Can you guys believe it, it’s been eight years? To uphold the custom, we have tons of content to release for the site’s birthday, with most of the staff taking turns releasing what they’ve been working on these past few weeks.

At the head of this wave of content, I unveil several new pages for Ocarina of Time. Now that the site walkthrough is pretty much complete (and all the Gold Skulltulas, Heart Pieces and all that stuff makes sense) I will be finishing up most of the other pages. Enjoy!

~ Ocarina of Time ~
Big Poe Guide – How to get all 10 Big Poes to get the fourth bottle.
Gerudo Training Grounds – How to complete this challenge and get the Ice Arrows.
Gossip Stones – A quick guide to everything they have to share with us.
Scarecrow’s Song – A detailed guide on how to get the song and all the places you can use it!

Now, here comes the fun ones *rubs hands together*

Equipment – This page has in depth descriptions on all of the items on the equipment subscreen along with both high definition game sprites and the highest quality official artwork I could find. Some of them, like the Kokiri Tunic, don’t ever have a “recieving” scene, so I had to improvise with the pictures. I plan to do a similar page for the C-button Items and the Upgrades. It just takes so long to get the images ready. =O
Ocarina Songs – How could you make a guide about music any more interesting? Why, by putting music on it, of course! This page has all of the ocarina from the actual game playing the songs as well as the themes from each area the songs are based off of. I have included a bunch of tips for each song and secrets you may not have heard of. I’m proud of the end result and everyone should check it out. =D

One of my big plans for the Ocarina of Time section is to include a lot of video content for some of the more in-depth guides. The two pages below which go hand in hand, for example, will each have a video as part of the guide, so you can simply watch it as well. I have the videos recorded, but I have to wait to upload them, so they’ll be in there in about a week.

Masks’s Guide – A detailed guide on the Happy Mask Shop and how to get the Mask of Truth.
Forest Stage Guide – A detailed guide on the Forest Stage and how to get both of the upgrades found there.

Boss Guide – Our old boss guide only had a paragraph or two explaining each boss. That just won’t do! I have put this together in the meantime, but in the end, I hope to include a bunch video content as well.
Site Walkthrough, Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
Video Walkthrough, Chapter 5 – Zora’s Sapphire

What? Where’s the Gold Skulltula and Heart Piece Guides! I really wanted those…

Be patient, young one, rest assured I have plans for those guides hidden up my sleeves. Those pages are going to packed full of screenshots, maps, videos, detailed descriptions, links to the walkthrough sections that deal with it, etc. As I’m recording the video walkthrough, I am taking screenshots and clips that will make up these crazy guides I have planned.

For the immediate future, I am done working on the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough and will be focusing on the Video Walkthrough, pumping it out quickly. Be expecting a flood of videos coming to a homepage near you.

Big Poe Guide
Gerudo Training Grounds
Gossip Stones
Scarecrow’s Song
Ocarina Songs
Masks’s Guide
Forest Stage Guide
Boss Guide
Site Walkthrough, Chapter 6 – Timely Appearance
Video Walkthrough, Chapter 5 – Zora’s Sapphire

~ Caleb
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