Guns in Zelda

Alright, first video discussion in a while, and the topic this time is kind of a doozy. In this video I talk about firearms (guns) in the Zelda series. This is a topic that’s been debated about for a while now and is very controversial; a lot of people have a huge aversion to the idea. Other people don’t mind it. Seems like a worthwhile topic for a video, am I right? You can watch the video here or view it after the jump.

To sum up my stance like I do at the beginning of the video… I’m indifferent about guns actually appearing in the series. I don’t particularly care to see it, nor do I have any problem with it. That said, most of this video is spent disproving arguments against having guns in Zelda, because while I don’t particularly need to see a gun in a Zelda game, I’ve generally felt that all the arguments against doing so are pretty bad.

I may do a followup to this video; the video got pretty long and I left out a couple of thoughts I had, and I can always address some of the comments. So leave some! Do you hate the idea of having guns in Zelda? Do you like it? Do you just not care? Regardless of your actual stance, how do you feel about the arguments that commonly crop up in this debate? Tell me in the comments!

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