tumblr_nnha37WAWP1qhkbteo2_500The guys from the Game Grumps YouTube channel are tackling the newest Zelda title! In the newest Grumpcade series, Ross, Barry and Ninja Brian are off on adventure, likely to be filled with trolling each other and swearing a lot about their own ridiculous mistakes.

Check out the first episode after the jump! (WARNING: Strong language)

I appreciate the fact that right into the first level, they already have issues with throwing eachother and making huge misses with the weapons. But I suppose that is what is to be expected when friends are playing this kind of game. I look forward to seeing them play some fire levels. Death is sure to come in spades.

Are you planning to watch more episodes of this Grumpcade series? Which of these three rogue scholars are going to die the most? Drop a comment!

Source: YouTube

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