319848220_56dcdb98c9_oMany of us think that when we’re talking about Agitha, we’re probably talking about Hyrule Warriors, as Agitha is a playable charcter in the newest installment.  Well, for today, that’s not the case.  As of now, we’re going to talk about the origins of Agitha; Twilight Princess.  Where she came to be known as the ‘Princess of Bugs’.  Check it out after the jump!

Agitha is a resident of Hyrule Castle Town, as she resides in her palace.  She held the side-quest of collecting all the Golden Bugs.  Which, to some, may have been extremely annoying, or extremely fun.  I for one, found it a little bit of both.  It was a fun experience chasing them all down, but it got slightly annoying after awhile.  Her side-quest allowed you to gain the Big Wallet.  After collecting them all, you could finally gain the final wallet; The Giant Wallet.  Although, the downside (for me anyways) is that, if you’ve held the maximum capacity of rupees for the Big Wallet, whilst giving her all the Golden bugs to gain the Giant Wallet, you and I can relate in such a struggle.

What do you think?  Was Agitha an awesome addition to the Zelda series, or was she annoying?  If so, should her side-quest have been easier?  Or was it too easy?  Let us know in the comments below!

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