Tingle's_TowerIn Four Swords Adventures, you could unlock multiplayer mini-games by progressing through the story. When you progress far enough in a section of the world map, Tingle will do a fly-by and drop one of his towers somewhere on the map. Inside, you can play quite a few multiplayer mini-games (as many as you’ve unlocked) for a nice break from adventuring for a bit. The mini-games were a fun way to take a break from playing through the story and just having some fun with friends. That’s the subject of which I’d like to discuss; should Tingle’s Tower (or the concept) return in a future Zelda title? Hit the jump to check out more!

Tingle’s Tower held quite a few mini-games, some being more competitive than others. You could play tag, you could go monster hunting with your friends, you could even play a little volleyball with them! It’s a fun way to take it easy for a bit. The games you can unlock and play in Tingle’s Tower are: Bucking Broncos (a horse racing mini-game), Cucco Wranglers (round up cuccos and throw them in the pen), Monster Hunting (defeat the most enemies out of your friends), Hammer Tag (a good game of tag- with a hammer), Volley by Golly (it’s like playing tennis with Ganondorf- but with your friends), Mole Melee (it’s whack-a-mole), Monster Hunting Returns (as it implies- the return of Monster Hunt), and Bonus Course (Tingle’s very own mini-dungeon)!


The way I see it, I would love to have it return. I remember having such a blast with these mini-games, seeing this (or anything like it) return in a future Zelda game would definitely leave me satisfied. My favorite has to be Volley by Golly. Not sure why, it just brings back a lot of good memories. But anyways, I would definitely see to it that this would return if I could. But whatever happens, happens. Maybe they’ll bring something similar back in the future(?).

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So then, what do you think? Would you like to see Tingle’s Tower, or anything like it return in a future Zelda game? Or are you fine with the adventure alone? Do you have something ese you wish they’d bring back? Let us know by sounding off in the comments!