Link ThumbnailIn Phantom Hourglass, there was an extra little mechanic introduced that allowed the ability to switch between fairies, giving Link the option between one of three special powers. These fairies were known as the Servant Spirits, the guides that Link must find in order to find the Ghost Ship. They’re required to complete the main story line, but they do have the capability to be much more. I’m going to go a bit further into detail with them, explaining what they are and what they offer Link in-terms of abilities. So if you’d like to check it out, listen in by hitting the jump!


As stated above, the three Servant Spirits are a vital piece of Phantom Hourglass, allowing Link to find the Ghost Ship, and further progress through the Temple of the Ocean King. The three spirits each go by their own name; Ciela, Link’s companion for the game (other than Linebeck, who’s typically on the boat most of the time), Leaf, and Neri. Each spirit can obtain a special ability that gives Link unique powers. If Link offers Courage Gems to the goddess in Spirit Island, Ceila will be able to grant Link the ability to preform wind-based attacks. If Link offers Power Gems to the goddess, Leaf will be able to engulf Link’s sword in fire, giving Link an extreme boost in offense. And by Link offering Wisdom Gems to the goddess, Neri will be able to surround Link in a bubble of water, giving Link more defense in the long run.


Each spirit is needed in the main story line to complete the game, but this little mechanic is what makes it worth it to gain those gems.

So, what are your thoughts? Should the Servant Spirits appear in future Zelda titles? Or maybe just the mechanic, but updated? Did you enjoy this mechanic, or do you have another you may want to share? If so, sound off in the comments!

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