Glitch hunters have been hard at work over past year combing through every aspect of Breath of the Wild. From speedrunning tricks to silly Stasis exploits, the latest Zelda adventure is full of glitches to find. In fact, a significant discovery was recently made in the game’s The Master Trials DLC. YouTube user Mety333 has found a way to escape the challenge rooms of the Trial of the Sword and explore the mysterious world beyond their walls. Strange anomalies exist in this glitched world, such as water that behaves like lave, drastic weather changes, and a pit perfect for shield surfing.

As reported by Nintendo Life, Mety333 discovered this glitch world by clipping out of one of the rooms in Breath of the Wild‘s Trial of the Sword. Using Stasis and a metal box, the glitch hunter was able to push Link through a wall and into the map beyond. In doing so, Mety333 confirmed that all trail rooms in the DLC — including the rest areas — occupy the same overworld map. If a player explores the map beyond the trial walls, he or she will stumble upon other challenge floors scattered across the landscape. One may even experience drastic weather changes or provoke a few enemies.

But Mety333 found more in this glitched area than just the other trial rooms. In a quest to find the “edge of the world,” the YouTuber discovered some really bizarre terrain and even some killer water. Check out the video above and Mety333’s original video to see all there is to see in The Master Trial‘s glitch world.

What do you think of this area outside the map? Have you explored the glitch world yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mety333 (via Nintendo Life)

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