Gerudo & Twili Race Theory

Screenshot_4Here is an interesting theory that will interest you if you are a fan of the Gerudo race! YouTuber GameOverJesse has created another theory video, attempting to explain the Gerudo’s absence from the Child timeline and also their connection to the Twili from Twilight Princess!


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GameOverJesse’s Theory attempts to explain a connection between the Gerudo race, the Twili, the Dark Interlopers and also even the Zuna tribe from Four Swords Adventures! Playing on the transformation of races throughout the series (For example the Zora into the Rito, or the Kokiri into the Koroks), the theory ponders the question that the Gerudo tribe could have possibly evolved!

Do you think that this theory has credibility? Which race in the Zelda series is your favourite? Join in the discussion below!

Source: GameOverJesse (Youtube)

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