Fans who got their start playing the original Zelda games on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy have a special place in their hearts for retro graphics, even as games advance at rapid speeds. As such, there’s been a growing trend of re-imagining the upcoming Tears of the Kingdom with the graphics of yesterday’s era.

In this recent videoNew Age Retro Hippie transforms key moments from the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer into the classic Game Boy aesthetic. Fans will recognize Link falling through the sky, Zelda holding the Master Sword, and Ganondorf shouting triumphantly. The trailer also includes the game’s musical theme in chiptune.

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Tell us what you think? Are you enjoying the recent trend of demaking Zelda trailers and artwork? Would you play a retro style Tears of the Kingdom? Share your reaction in the comments below.

Source: New Age Retro Hippie

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