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Volume Two: A Glowing Dream


Glowy. Hoppy. Glowy hoppy! They hop and they glow! Blue and shiny and perfect. And someday, I will meet one.

I’m still too young to leave these woods, you see. I have a few more seasons before I can finally step foot out of the Korok Forest and make my way through the vast land of Hyrule. But when I do, oh…I will find one. I can hardly wait!

One what? Oh! A blupee, of course! Quite possibly the most adorable of the Goddesses’ creations, so full of hops and glow. I know them from my brothers and sisters who have already made their way into the lands. Some have seen blupees while they hide with trials for the Hero to find. Two have even said they almost pet one! How neat!

Yes, my siblings tell me stories, and all I want to do is meet one.

Yet, it seems so long before I can leave this sanctuary of trees, and even when I do, where will I go? To the land of the birdmen, full of woods and winds across a vast cavern? To the white lands of ice in the far north, or the lands of fire near the volcano? Or, perhaps I go south to endure the fury of storms amongst the tropical trees?

Are there blupees there? Where do blupees even come from?

No. I know I won’t go south. It’s so far, and storms are so scary. I might get blown away!

What if I try to make my way to the blue-green mountain of light that glows so bright when the moon is high, I can see it from here if I climb to the tip-top of the canopy? It seems so far away from here, and I am so small.

I mean, I’m small right now, but I won’t always be, I guess. Besides, so many of my siblings have made it farther still, and they’re just fine, or so they say. They all reassure me that I have so much growing left to do, and not to fear.

When the time comes for me to explore the world, will I be big and brave enough to find that strange mountain myself?

“That strange mountain,” the Great Deku Tree told me long ago, “is Mount Satori, an ancient spot ripe with life.”

I remember being so enthralled the first time I beheld the glowing mountain from the peak of our guardian tree’s branches. I was but a sprout full of questions, and he answered with patience and grace.

“It is the home of the Lord of the Mountain.”

“What is the mountain lord?”

“The Lord of the Mountain,” he corrected me, ever so kindly with a smile, “is the spirit of an ancient sage, a protector of all the creatures and beasts of the woods.”

“Birds and bunnies and those tall, brown four-legged things that run when you try to talk to them that Hestu told me about?”

“He protects the deer, too.”

“Even blupees?”

“Even blupees,” the Great Deku Tree agreed, booming voice filling me with hope as I climbed my way down his branches. “When he comes to the mountain to drink from his sacred pond, in fact, many blupees join him to light the mountain top. That’s what you saw from up there.”

I still dream of this mountain. I think until I stand on it myself, it is all I will dream about. Yes, someday, I think I will go to Satori Mountain, to drink from the sacred pond and be with the Lord of the Mountain and his blupees. And we’ll be best friends.

Trouble is…

Not only do I not know where the blupees actually come from, I don’t know what they look like, either!

I bet from all this talking and dreaming and stories I’ve been told, you thought I did? No, no, I only know words that paint a glowing, hopping picture for me in my mind. I picture them to be timid little beings with fuzzy paws and big fluffy ears. My mind changes their faces constantly, sometimes looking like bunnies, sometimes birds, sometimes having little leaves much like me, only blue.

Sometimes, in my dreams, they talk to me, and sometimes they run. I hear that if you scare one really good, they pop out rupees! Are they full of rupees? Do blupees make rupees?

So many things I want to know!

I know what to do.

The Hero has awakened. He has already found this forest and reclaimed his ancient sword, and he periodically comes back with seeds for Hestu and rupees to exchange with Daz and Natie for the goods they find all over Hyrule. I hear he is really, really nice, too, and loves doing favors for those who ask. Maybe I can ask him to show me a blupee? I don’t know how he can get one here, but he is smart.

I think. He has to be smart to have found his way through the Lost Woods, right? Right. And he has solved so many of my siblings’ puzzles. So, it is safe to hope he is smart. Surely, he will bring me a blupee, and I will find something to give him in return.

Then, I will know what a blupee looks like, and where to find one. I will know where to go when I leave here.


Featured image: “Korok Forest – Legend of Zelda Tribute,” by Ori Rycus.

Kat Vadam is a Senior Editor for Zelda Dungeon. She’d totally have a blupee for a best friend. Catch her on Instagram!

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