Ganon Fan ArtworkOur good friend Deimos-Remus has completed his long journey of creating some amazing fan artwork for everything single enemy and boss found within the original Legend of Zelda. The project started all the way back in November of last year and has nearly come to a conclusion. Every enemy and boss in the bestiary has been drawn and is now available at his deviantART account. However, he’s not quite done just yet. After taking a short break, he plans on finishing off the original Legend of Zelda by creating artwork for both Link and Princess Zelda. You can check out his latest two renditions, along with the rest of the bosses in the links below.

NOTE: Having trouble with the image gallery at the moment so these images aren’t available. You can check them out at the Deimos Remus deviantART account.


You can check out his entire gallery of Zelda artwork over at our image gallery. Be sure to become a watcher of his deviantART account and be on the lookout for his final two pieces from this collection.

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