Dead Hand Zelda Fan Art

I’ve seen the Shadow Temple argued as both the greatest temple and the worst temple time and time again. But if there’s one fact that Zelda fans can agree, it’s got to be that this temple is really creepy. Whether it actually scares you or not is a different story, but the temple’s design, combined with it’s music, provides for a sinister feel and nightmarish experience. One enemy that adds to this mood is the Dead Hand, and Deviantartist LDamm has created a very well done portrait of Link and a Dead Hand in the Shadow Temple. With the paintings gloomy colors and the look of the Dead Hand, this picture is quite a sight. You can check it out here, or make the jump for a photo!

Personally, the Shadow Temple is one of my favorite levels from Ocarina of Time and for many reasons. I really like how much it sets itself apart from the rest of the game entirely, yet connects with the story and has meaning all the same. Anyways, I really like the picture. I think that the art is fantastic and though I’m not an expert, I really find the attention to detail wonderful. On a side note, the artist requested critique on his artwork so if you want to share some constructive, detailed criticism, you can head on over to the post and let him know your thoughts. You can also share them here, so feel free to leave us a comment!

Source: Deviantart

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