Zelda lore is heavily steeped in ancient mythos, with the goddesses creating the land of Hyrule before departing to the heavens. While much of the series’ lore revolves around the three Golden Goddesses, other games include references to other gods, such as Majora’s Mask with the Goddess of Time, Skyward Sword with the Goddess Hylia, and The Wind Waker with the Wind Gods Zephos and Cyclos. There are also many lesser-beings who (while not considered gods or deities) are still powerful in their own right, such as the Light Spirits from Twilight Princess, the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time, and so on. Despite that though, there aren’t many deities who actively contribute to the setting or lore of the games — with so many of them only being mentioned by name along with a vague reference of what they represent, gods and deities are surprisingly absent from most of the games.

I think the worldbuilding and lore could benefit from introducing more deities and lesser-gods, but only if they are more actively involved or referenced, like the Wind Gods in The Wind Waker. These deities have powers that impact the lives of the Hylians, and teach songs to Link that assist him in his quest. I think they’re a great example of deities and gods that can contribute to the story and lore in a meaningful way that isn’t overpowered or irrelevant. What do you guys think? Would you like to see more gods and deities introduced in more Zelda games? Let us know in the comments!

This Daily Debate was inspired by r2d93.

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