On a recent episode of the Zelda Informer podcast, host Alfred Tabaks posed the question of Ganondorf’s place in the Zelda series following the events of Breath of the Wild. Namely, if this might be it for Ganon, and should he finally be defeated once and for all at the hands of Link and Zelda, where would the series go from there in terms of villains?

We’ve seen several spinoff games outside of the main story games that have starred different dastardly figures (Vaati, Majora, etc.), and we’ve seen games rely on villains to get us through most of the story until Ganondorf / Ganon shows up (Zant, Agahnim), but we’ve always had the safety net of Ganon to fall back on.

The question I’ll now pose to you is: would you like to see the Zelda series move on from Ganondorf, to give that story some closure and focus on a new villain? Or do you think Ganondorf is too iconic to leave behind? Let’s get to the bottom of it in the comments below!

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