We are all just anxiously awaiting the sequel to Breath of the Wild to finally drop. The first game was easily one of my favorite Zelda games of all-time because it took the series to new heights; and based on the little bit of footage we got from the next one, it looks to take the series even higher. However, what’s next after the sequel? I mean, assuming Breath of the Wild 2 happens as most Zelda games do (you beat Ganon, save Hyrule, and ride off into the sunset), what happens afterward?

It’s extremely likely that the Zelda team has a few ideas in their heads for what happens after the sequel to Breath of the Wild. So my question is this: do you think that they will tease their plans post-Breath of the Wild 2 at the end of the upcoming game, perhaps to set up for the future of the Zelda timeline?

Don’t forget that titles like Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time hinted at the games to come through prophesies about the future or setting Link up for another adventure. Breath of the Wild 2 could end with a similar scenario, in which players have an idea of where the Zelda series goes next. Perhaps the game could lead to a second direct follow-up to Breath of the Wild, or something even grander.

What do you folks think? Will there be a tease for the next Zelda title at the end of Breath of the Wild 2? How would you tease the future of the Zelda timeline? Let us know in the comments below!

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