I have always seen the music in The Legend of Zelda series as its own character, helping to build the world, the characters, and everything else it can get its hands on. Though the Zelda series didn’t get into leitmotifs until A Link to the Past with Zelda’s Theme, the music has still always been an integral part of the experience. Although every game has great music, not all of them always fit the scene or character that’s on screen. The question I am posing here is which Zelda game has the best overall fit of music, or the one that every time you play there isn’t a single chord that makes you think “wait, that doesn’t belong there.”

For me, I would have to say Breath of the Wild fits the bill, with Ocarina of Time in a close second. Both of these games take your ears through a cultural world through its different musical styles, Breath of the Wild doing a slightly better job than Ocarina of Time, in my opinion. The best example of this that I can think of is Kakariko Village as it fully leans into the Shinto style of architecture, which is reflected in the woodwind sounds of the Shakuhachi flute and other woodwinds, recalling traditional Japanese music.

So what do you think? Which game’s music fit it best overall? Let us know in the comments below!

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