Many of the recurring races in the Zelda games, such as the Gorons, don’t get design overhauls with every game. The Zoras are one of the few exceptions, although at first, their designs from Ocarina of Time were predominantly featured in subsequent games like Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. As the series has progressed, the aquatic race has seen a variety of diversified redesigns to set them apart.

My favorite Zora designs so far have been featured in Breath of the Wild. Between the different colors and creative appearances, the Zoras are also adorned with armor or jewelry depending on their status, and the children Zora are so cute. It’s a small touch, but the designs allow the Zoras in Breath of the Wild to be unique and occupy different roles in their society, making their aquatic culture and traditions really come together in a cool way. What do you think? What versions of the Zoras is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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