Link’s Awakening is one of the shorter Zelda games, so fans who recently bought the remake for Switch might have already completed it, along with the Color Dungeon to boot! This means that those eager players might have gotten their hands on the ever-helpful Red and Blue Mail. With this armor, Link’s attack or defense is raised accordingly.

Not too long ago, we asked which tunic you chose in Link’s Awakening DX? This is more of a follow up Daily Debate, not only asking which one you picked in the remake, but which tunic do you think is actually better?

I seem to always pick the Blue Tunic, ensuring some extra protection in battle. My line of logic is that I’m going to get the Seashell Sword anyway, so a 4x attack bonus from the Red Mail will never be very useful in the game. Having a tunic that will help out my defense seems a lot more handy; plus blue is one of my favorite colors!

Which tunic do you think is the best out of the Red and Blue Mail? Perhaps you see little use in either of them and stuck with the Green Tunic? We’re interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

This Daily Debate was inspired by fellow Zelda Dungeon Team Member Taylor Wells!

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