Breath of the Wild‘s soundtrack has some notable tracks that simply stand out from the rest, like “Hyrule Castle” and “The Champion’s Ballad,” and the rest of the soundtrack is largely comprised of atmospheric music that enhances the experience of exploring Hyrule. I enjoy the soundtrack as a whole, especially the town themes. Most of the town themes are nice and relaxing to listen to, and for me, my personal favorite town theme is “Rito Village,” and while both its Day and Night iterations are great, I have a soft spot for the Night version in particular.

The song is a remix of Dragon Roost Island from The Wind Waker, but it’s really slowed down; the classic, fast-paced song now feels more sad and reserved instead. The Night version of Rito Village, more than any of the other town theme in Breath of the Wild, enforces the idea of how much the world has changed as a result of the Great Calamity one hundred years prior. It’s a pleasant track that I definitely enjoy listening to while writing or relaxing, and both versions of it are extremely good.

Manaka Kataoka and her team of composers are amazing, and they continue to blow me away with their ability to take songs and remix them in entirely new, unexpected ways, resulting in the audience having new and different emotional responses to a piece of music that is still very familiar at its core. What’s your favorite town theme in Breath of the Wild? Which one speaks to you more than the rest? Let us know in the comments!

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